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Martin is first generation American-born of Colombian parents in New York City and raised in Sunnyside, Queens. He is a bi-lingual and bi-coastal actor currently residing in Los Angeles.

Martin is a person with diverse interests and experiences. He joined the Marine Reserves right out of high school. Upon graduating from high school as a licensed aircraft technician, he was off to boot camp. After completing his training, he pursued a career in modeling. He was able to get representation in that field and started booking jobs for companies such as Sears, Coca-Cola, Nike, and Microsoft. He has been featured in YM Magazine, Latin Girl Magazine, and Urban Latino Magazine.

By chance, Martin was asked if he wanted to audition for acting roles, so he studied with Marcia Haufrecht at the Common Basis Theatre and later with Alexandra Neil and Karl Bury at Michael Howard Studios. Since then he has had the good fortune to work on several student films and appear in various television commercials and television programs.

Martin is continuously looking for ways to better and challenge himself; he continues to study, practice martial arts and maintain openness to new things. He has also taken on the challenge of film production, having produced three short films. He continues to look for more meaty projects to sink his teeth into.